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It was probably too much to ask for two awesome weather weekends in a row across the Atlantic Provinces, but fear not, our region’s breweries and cideries are gearing up for a good’er anyways to help beat those Vitamin D deficiency blahs. Plenty of new beers available this weekend, some grand openings, and some birthday parties. Plus, there’s apparently some kind of sports championship thinger worth celebrating. Or something.

Sourwood Cider has been producing funky, tart, and dare we say wild, ciders in Halifax for just over a year now, focussing on spontaneous or pitched mixed yeast and bacteria, playing with barrels for primary and secondary fermentation, and incorporating local fruits, berries, and other adjuncts (Chaga, anyone?). After pop-up sales at their spot on Almon Street, they were able to supply the NSLC with Sour City, a 6.2% ABV dry and sour cider available across the province. And today at 4 PM, they will be opening the doors to their new taproom located at 5576 Cornwallis St. Featuring several of their own ciders on tap (as well as guest taps), a small kitchen will provide food perfect for pairing, and a retail sales counter will allow for cans and bottles to go. Pop by today, or throughout the weekend, to get your Sourwood fix. Congratulations to Jake and Kyle on all their hard work!

Last Saturday, Stillwell Brewing had a 3-beer release (two new, one returning) and we kinda, sorta didn’t mention it in the Friday post! Whoopsie! This stuff happens, we’re only human, yada yada yada the beers are still around so let’s just pretend this never happened, shall we? Let’s start off with Shiro, a sour Farmhouse Ale. Made up of a blend of various barrel- and foedre-aged beers brewed between April, 2017 and February, 2018 (including Batch #1, which at about 25% of the beer is the first time it has appeared in a blend), this blend was then re-fermented on 300 g/L (= a lot) of Nova Scotia-grown Shiro plums, for five months. Bottled back in early March of this year, it’s been conditioning ever since, and is finally available for your eager mouths/tummies. Lots of tannic notes in this beer thanks at least in part to those plum skins, the aroma is described as lambic-like (hooray!), “with notes of hay, funk, wet stone and bright, pithy lemon”. Available in bottles at Bar Stillwell, and on tap!

Next up is the brewery’s second stab at their beloved Pilsner style, Prince Pils. Designed to be a different sort of beer than their house Pilsner, Stilly Pils, it was brewed with extra pale premium Pilsner malt and wheat in the grist, and was hopped with Pacific Jade (a New Zealand variety that is a descendent of the oft-used Saaz). The wort was fermented by a Bavarian strain from Escarpment Labs, that has not been used by the brewery in the past. The result is an aroma that is “bigger, more peppery, and herbaceous” compared to Saaz, with a light, fluffy body and firm bitterness. Highly drinkable at just 4.4% ABV, this royal beer is available only on draught, and has been a frequent presence on tap at both Stilly HQ and their Spring Garden Road Beergarden.

Finally, newly-returned is Poptones, the second batch of the brewery’s Farmhouse Pale Ale. Fermented with a clean, Saccharomyces yeast in primary, and then Brettanomyces in secondary, it’s a bright and easy drinking hoppy Pale Ale with funky Brett shining through. All stainless, six months from brewing to the beer’s release, at 5.3% you can approach it as you prefer (you know, like Smarties). Bottles and on tap at Stillwell.

Tatamagouche Brewing has a full weekend of fun ahead of them (and us!), as they are celebrating their Fifth Anniversary all weekend. The details are available in that FB Event, but the highlights include the release of a new beer that was first previewed/teased at May’s NS Craft Beer Full House Festival. Spring is a 6.6% ABV Saison, both sour and funky from the blend of yeast and bacteria used to ferment the wort. The golden yellow beer also features plenty of tropical fruit esters, reminiscent of mandarin oranges, lychee and stone fruit. Bottles of Spring are available at the brewery as of 10 AM today, so we certainly suggest popping by to grab a few bottles and take part in the fun. They have also brought back Guava Heist, their 3.6% ABV guava-infused Berliner Weisse, available on tap and in cans. The Shree Curry Place food truck is onsite for lunch, with live music from Eric Fresia beginning at 6 PM. There are brewery tours at 10, 12, 2, and 4 tomorrow, with a fundraising BBQ lunch starting at 11 AM, and live music from 1 – 4 PM. There’s more live music and a food truck on Sunday, and if you stick around/come back on Monday, you can enjoy cake with the Tata Crew!

Two new beers from 2 Crows this week, one a draught-only release that is on right now (we hope!), and another a very special can release. Let’s start with the draught beer, shall we? Named Pony Up, it’s a Brett Pale Ale from brewer Miles Bishop. A parti-gyle brew using the leftovers (the remaining sugary wort, that is) of an Oat Wine which should be released in several months, the original grist included a whopping ~70% mixture of malted, flaked, and golden naked oats. Hopped lightly to 13 IBUs with Nelson Sauvin and Citra, the wort was fermented with a Brett strain from The Yeast Bay that showcases “strong barnyard funk and backing notes of peach and strawberry”. Coming in at 5.8% ABV, the final beer has a grainy texture, smooth body, and “a pleasant white wine and affirmative citrus aroma” to go with all that funk. There is only a single keg available, so pony up for some Pony Up (ha!) at the 2C taproom right now… assuming it isn’t all gone already.

Beer number two is an international collaboration, of sorts. The online Saison, Biere de Garde, and Farmhouse Ale Appreciation Society arranged the collab between about 40 breweries, all of who brewed a recipe for a Biėre de Garde that was determined by the society and a number of brewers. While some of the brewing techniques were also predetermined, each brewery had the freedom to determine fermentation, and the possibility of oak aging. The 2C version of L’Internationale Vol II was brewed back in December with 90% six-row malted barley and 10% raw wheat from PEI’s Shoreline Malting. They used a turbid mashing technique (spoiler: it takes a long time) and a 5-hour boil (ok, that makes the day even longer!), hopping the wort with Saaz and Strisselspalt to 17 IBUs. Fermented in one of the brewery’s oak foedres (with a variety of microflora), the beer was finally packaged in early May to condition in the can, and it’s being released at the brewery tomorrow. Rich and complex, 2C’s house cultures have added “a distinct tartness and funk, which play well with the rich malt backbone and deep honey vibes). Grab your cans on Saturday!

Propeller Brewing is releasing a brand new beer this week, a limited release that may be your next summer sipper. Azacca Session IPA is a 4.5% ABV ale, which showcases the unique Azacca hop. Used in combination with El Dorado and Citra, aromatics and flavours of mango, pineapple, and tangerine dance on top of this light and hazy easy-drinking beer. Azacca is available today on draught and in cans at the Prop Shops on both sides of the harbour, and in cans at the four private stores in HRM now/very soon. And pop by their Gottingen Street taproom for a cask of Azacca, featuring real pineapple added to the cask. It will be tapped at 5 PM (or earlier if you ask real nice), and make the perfect accompaniment to a round of pinball downstairs in the Arcade.

New Brunswick’s Niche Brewing continues their longtime trend of zagging after every zig with this week’s release. After a big bruiser of a Belgian Tripel last week in Day Tripper, this week brings a much smaller, hoppier beer that you can fearlessly have a few of without worrying about stumbling away from your barstool or patio chair. Paradox is a session IPA fermented with a hazier strain and heaped with Columbus, Simcoe, and Topaz late additions and a huge dry hop of more Simcoe as well as Enigma. Weighing in at a super (duper!) sessionable 3.0% ABV it’s plenty light, but not to the point of being watery, with enough citrusy and juicy hop aroma and flavor to satisfy your need for hops. This one is heading out to tap accounts this week, with Pepper’s Pub, The Joyce, 540 Kitchen & Bar, and Graystone at the head of the line. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this weekend and you’ll be able to enjoy a pint (or a few) of this in all its refreshing glory outside in the sun.

Hampton Brewing has delivered kegs of their latest beer, an American Pale Ale named Big Shoes. The brewery’s first new beer since April, it’s a Pale Ale brewed more towards the New England side of the style. With a grist made up of 2-row, Vienna, a touch of Crystal malt, and a “healthy” dose of wheat, it was hopped aggressively in the whirlpool and a two-stage dry hop with a combination of American ‘C’ hops and Amarillo. This hazy 5.6% ABV, 45 IBUs beer is sporting plenty of tropical fruit and citrus in the flavour and aroma, with low bitterness. You can find it on tap at Peppers, The Joyce, and the Hampton Golf Club.

Port Rexton is celebrating the local release of their Across the Nation collaboration with Red Racer this weekend, Skerwink Haze. Named after the nearby Skerwink Trail, a must-visit when visiting the brewery, Skerwink Haze is a 6.4% ABV New England IPA fermented with Kveik yeast. Using the Escarpment Labs Ebbegarden Kveik blend, this incredibly hearty and temperature-resilient yeast (in fact, it thrives at high temperatures [think 35C and higher] that many yeasts would produce some serious off-flavours) chews through most any wort that’s thrown at it. Expect a soft mouthfeel, and juicy vibes from the Belma, Galaxy, and Vic Secret hops used late in the brew to favour flavour and aroma over bitterness. To celebrate the release, their friends from Jack Axes in town are coming out for pop-up axe throwing from 2 PM today, and tomorrow will see a guided hike of the Skerwink Trail, leaving the brewery at 11 AM (free cake after!), and live music from 8 PM.

Skerwink Haze joins the PRBC taps as the second new IPA this week, after launching the latest in their Continuum series last week. Continuum w/ Zythos is a 5.5% ABV hazy IPA, which features loads of, you guessed it, Zythos in the whirlpool (post-boil in the kettle), hop back (out of the kettle and into the fermenter) and dry hop (in the fermenter). Getting a little help from its friend Azacca, tropical, citrus, and stone fruit vibes shine through with an orange-pith bitterness. If you can’t make it out to the brewery to take part in the fun this weekend, you’re in luck! Look for Continuum, and seven more Port Rexton brews taking over the taps at Jack Axes in downtown St. John’s, kicking off today at 6 PM, and running all weekend/until the kegs kick. Or find Skerwink Haze at Toslow’s One-Year Anniversary party Saturday.

Hey, Landwash fans! The brewery has announced they’ll be pouring a whopping seven of their tasty beverages at Rocket Bakery in St. John’s today from 7 PM – 12 AM. If that isn’t enough to excite you, two of these beers will be brand new releases! First up is Silvern Voices, a 5.3% ABV kettle sour that has been dry-hopped with the lovely Cashmere and Azacca varieties; there’s also a touch of lactose powder added to up the sweetness just a tad. They claim that if you’re big on “sour key candy, fruity white wine, and/or passion fruit flavours”, you’re probably gonna enjoy this one! They’ve also got a new hoppy brew that will be making its debut at the event, Green Nap. This 6.3% ABV NEIPA was brewed with plenty of oats and malted oat in the grist, to help give the beer that trademark haze/smooth body you’d expect in the style. Hopped mightily with Bru-1 and Galaxy to give flavours of apricot, pineapple, and lime, don’t be expecting too much bitterness, so it’ll go down plenty easy. Look for future iterations of Green Nap that will feature different hop varieties. We should probably mention that both of these new beers will also be available at the brewery’s taproom this weekend (which starts today at 3 PM, FYI), on tap and in cans.

Let’s stick with the Newfoundland theme we’ve got going to update you on the goings ons (going ons? goings on?) at 90 Duckworth Street in St. John’s. Since opening just over a month ago, the crew at Bannerman Brewing have been working like mad to keep up with demand and interest for their beer and food. And more recently, they have launched the cafe side of things in their taproom, with shots and pour-overs available from 7:30 AM weekdays, and 9 AM on the weekend. While the kitchen does not open until later in the afternoon (4 PM Mon, Wed, Thurs; 1 PM Fri; and 12 PM on the weekend, closed Tues), there are some baked goods onsite for a grab-and-go European breakfast. And while you’re stopping in, be sure to check out their 946 mL cans, filled on demand to take away.

Way out on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, Sober Island Brewing has put together a very special beer, developed in concert with the 5th Canadian Division of the Canadian Army and intended to be their official beer. This one has been in development since December, with Commander Brigadier-General D.A. Macaulay and several members of the division involved in helping Sober Island taste test and guide the development of the recipe. The result is called The 5 and it’s a super-easy drinking blonde ale that’s low in bitterness, but not on flavour. A touch of honey malt gives it a touch of roundness, Magnum, Cascade, and Mt. Hood hops provide a hint of bitterness (only 5 IBU) and some gentle hop flavor, and an American ale yeast ensures a well-attenuated beer with a crisp finish weighing in at a perfectly fitting 5% ABV. You’ll be able to find this at Rockhead, West Side, and Harvest Wines, with in-store tasting events coming tomorrow at Rockhead from 11 – 4 PM and at Harvest on June 22nd from 2 – 4 PM. The 5th Canadian Division covers all of Atlantic Canada, and Sober Island is working to ensure that the beer eventually will too, so hopefully you’ll be hearing of this beer being available in New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland later this year. Hopefully you won’t have any trouble finding it in stores, but be aware that the super swank camouflage can (designed by Pierre Tabbiner) may be hard to spot if you take a few out into the field. You can also find it at the brewery as early as next weekend. Go Mighty Maroon Machine!

In other Sober Island news this week, their blueberry blonde ale known as The Blueberry Express, brewed in collaboration with the Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum is back for the summer, again at Rockhead/West Side Harvest, with $0.50 from every can going to the museum ($1,600 raised last year!). The blueberries for this one came from local producer Glenmore Farms Blueberries. And fans of Beth’s Black Oyster Stout should be aware that Marigold Blonde is replacing it in the seasonal rotation, but that they’ll still be able to grab it through the summer at the brewery and the same private stores as well as at events where Sober Island is pouring beer.

The weekly new releases from Shipwright Brewing continue with a “Rye Session Ale” named Rye’T Aweigh. Featuring rye malt in the grist, of course, the wort was generously hopped with three different Australian varieties: Topaz, Ella and Vic Secret. The addition of rye malt provides some sweetness on the palate, with “flavours of lime zest, honeydew melon and papaya” following suit, thanks to juicy hop additions. Quite sessionable at just 4.6% ABV (and 30 IBUs), if you’re around Lunenburg this week, best drop by the brewery to give this one a taste. It’ll also be pouring at the brewery’s regular tap account, the Grand Banker.

We’ve already told you (last week) about the East Coast Cider Fest and North Brewing’s Retail Spot and Lighter than Air launch, both happening tomorrow (Saturday). We’ve got one more big thing to tell you about this week…

Since opening their doors in late February, Ninepenny Brewing in Conception Bay South has been supplying their community with their blend of English, Belgian, and American beers. And this weekend, they are celebrating their Grand Opening, and we’re all invited! The return of their Porter means their taps are once again full, with seven beers for enjoyment onsite or to take away. Plus there is an Open Mic tonight beginning at 4 PM, live music tomorrow from 7 PM, and a Paint Night on Sunday from 6 PM. Full details in their Facebook Events page. Congratulations to the Ninepenny family on their continued success in bringing great beer to folks around the Bay!

And just a few last things to inform your beer buying (and drinking!) excursions this weekend:

Good Robot has a new take on a Mexican-style Lager with the release of El Corazón Del Ángel (5.5% ABV). Like their fan-favourite El Espinazo Del Diablo, there’s plenty of lime zest added, but this newer beer substitutes the jalapeno addition with sweet orange peel. Grab it at the GR taproom today.

It’s been a couple of years since Grimross has brewed their Maritime Amber Ale, but it’s hitting shelves and taps again this week. Hopped with Goldings from Southan Farms, it’s a malty, toasty 5.2% ABV, 32 IBUs brew with hints of caramel and a balancing bitterness. Available at Grimross in cans and on tap, with cans hitting ANBL stores next week; kegs will also be shipping to licensees soon.

Nine Locks has their latest kettle sour available on tap and in cans at the brewery, Bohemian Raspberry (4.8% ABV). A Berliner Weisse brewed with ripe raspberries, it pours a hazy pink colour and features raspberry in the aroma and flavour, to go with the tartness in the finish.

Tanner & Co. Brewing has hot weather on the mind, and what better beer to enjoy with nice weather than a Kolsch? Their take on the style, which they’ve simply named Kolsch, is 5.2% ABV and 20 IBUs, and is currently available at the brewery on tap and in bottles; stop by this weekend between 12 – 6 PM.

St. John’s YellowBelly has brewed up a special beer to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the very first non-stop transatlantic flight, performed by John Alcock and Arthur Brown in June, 1919. Named after the duo, Alcock and Brown is a 5.5% ABV, 49 IBUs unfiltered Porter, sporting notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and coffee, along with hints of plum. You can grab it at the brewpub this weekend, and bottles and growlers are available at the Takeaway shop down Water Street.

Well, well, well, another Friday is upon us, which means it’s time to inundate you with the latest beer news from the region. We’ve got more than 20 new and returning beer and cider to tell you about this week, from every province in the region, so let’s dive right in so you know where to head after work today!

Saint John’s Loyalist City Brewing dropped a brand new beer late last week, RGB. They’re referring to it as a “German-style Pale Ale”, as they hopped it with three of the “new” hop varieties that hail from Germany: Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon, and Hallertau Blanc. This 5% ABV, pale gold-coloured brew features “a pronounced fruity aroma of melon, tangerine, and citrus” thanks to the use of these hops (along with a large dry hop of more Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon). The citrus and melon continue into the flavour, complemented by a bit of malt sweetness and a moderate bitterness (60 IBUs, calculated). You can find it on tap right now at your favourite LC destination.

If you were a big fan of the first entry – Dream Island #1 – in Landwash Brewery’s rotating DIPA series, you’ll be happy to know that they have just released Dream Island #2, which is now available for purchase at the brewery. This iteration was hopped with big additions of Amarillo, Simcoe and Columbus, giving notes of “marmalade jam on toast, pineapple rings, and dried peach”. They also threw in a bit of lactose to boost the mouthfeel and add just a touch of sweetness to the final product. They’ve done a limited canning run of this 8.3% hop bomb, and it’s on tap for growler fills as well… probably won’t last long, so best to head there ASAP to pick some up. They also have a new batch of their NEIPA, That Much Ocean, so you can really fulfill your hop needs all in one go! Note that Landwash is now open on Wednesdays, in addition to their regular days, with their resident food truck, Saucy Mouth, open daily until 10PM.

Charlottetown’s Upstreet Brewing has a pair of new beers available, to fuel your adventures out and about this weekend. Released late last week was the latest in their Neon Friday series, this one a collaboration with Fredericton’s TrailWay Brewing. A 6.5% ABV NEIPA is the result of that mind-meld, with big notes of coconut, orange, and papaya on a smooth base, thanks to generous additions of Sabro and Vic Secret hops. Tall cans are available at Upstreet’s two Charlottetown locations, and on tap there and at their Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse in Dartmouth. Keep an eye out at the HRM private stores as well!

And debuting this week is Rhuby Sour, a new take on their popular Rhuby Social Witbier. Beginning life as a partially-soured witbier, Rhuby Sour receives the same great fruit additions as the OG, with rhubarb and strawberry, to kick up the refreshing character and still maintain plenty of fruit qualities. This 5.0% ABV beer is available on tap and in cans in both Charlottetown and Dartmouth now!

There’s a new Gottingen Small Batch brew pouring at Propeller, and don’t let the name – and the weather! – fool you into thinking it’s Halloween! Spooky Sour Saison is a kettle sour that was fermented with the Spooky Saison yeast strain from Escarpment Labs (as well as a blend of Brettanomyces strains) on fresh apricots. As you might expect, there’s lots going on with this beer, with plenty of fruit and spice characteristics coming through, as well as a dry, sour finish. It weighs in at 6.2% ABV and 8 IBUs, and is available at Propeller for pints, flights, and growlers only, for a limited time.

Rejoice, Glou fans, as this year’s batch from Stillwell Brewing is now available for purchase in bottles! A blend of oak-aged Saisons (different batches aged from 8-18 months) was transferred to a foeder, along with 1000 lbs of NY Muscat grape skins from Benjamin Bridge, where they were allowed to impart their deliciousness into the beer over a period of about four months. The aroma is huge with this beer, “all candy and fun upfront, with a deep and complex savoury quality on the palate”. Oak and tannins in the finish to leave you wanting more, it’s 6.7% ABV and lovely! Grab some bottles to go at Stillwell, where you may also be lucky enough to find it on tap (and at the newly-opened Beer Garden, too!).

Miramichi’s first brewery, Timber Ship Brewing, has just released How She Goin’, a beer they’re calling a “Honey Session Ale”. Intended to be an easy-drinking style for the summer (it IS coming, right?), it features the addition of wildflower honey from Napan, NB’s My Lil’ Bee Honey Farm. There was also a dry hop addition, featuring hops from Lindsay, NB’s Bloomfield Hops Farm. The final beer is “light and crisp, with a slightly floral aroma and notes of honey”. Very drinkable at just 4.3% ABV and 12 IBUs, you can find the first kegs on tap at the Piping Plover Gastropub and O’Donaghue’s Irish Pub.

We weren’t ALL lucky enough to be able to attend the annual Stillwell Open during Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week (dangit!), but luckily for us, some breweries have been doing larger releases of the single-hop Session IPAs that they entered in the friendly competition. For Tatamagouche Brewing, this means the release of Zaka, a Session IPA fermented with a Kveik yeast strain, and hopped entirely with the wonderful Azacca variety. This 4.4% ABV beer was created and brewed with local homebrewing legend Mark McKay, and is a hazy, aromatic treat, with pineapple and mango coming through in spades, along with “flavours of woody resin and light fennel”. It’ll be on tap at many Tata licensees, as well as directly at the source on draught, of course. They’ve also got a fresh batch of their wildly popular Kitty Clyde DIPA, hopped with Vic Secret and Galaxy, on tap and in cans.

We mentioned last week about the album release party coming up at Good Robot for Aquakultre x Ghettosocks (Aquasocks) on May 31st and that it’s a fundraiser for Akuakultre’s debut album coming next year. We also mentioned that a special beer has been brewed for the event called Legacy. That beer debuted at the GR taproom yesterday for those who’d like an early taste. Nominally a Pilsner coming in at 4.5% ABV and 27 IBU, it apparently also contains blueberries, which provide it a rather purple hue, as well as pineapple, for a pleasant tropical note. Nicer weather that we’re sure just HAS to be coming soon is likely to make this a popular pour on the Gastroturf.

We know this time of year brings a plethora of light beers – hoppy, fruity, etc – but it’s still nice to see darker beers being brewed. We won’t get into a rant, but those beers are still ok to drink during warmer weather, ya know? We can thank O’Creek Brewing for realizing this with the launch of Matchless, a 7.1% ABV Robust Porter. This isn’t your grandpappy’s Porter, however, as it had an addition of raspberry and coconut after fermentation was complete. The raspberry is coming through subtly, with dark chocolate on the palate and the coconut in the finish. You’ll be able to find the first kegs at CAVOK Brewing and the Laundromat.

Baccalieu Trail has just added a new beer to their lineup, and it’s their first kettle-soured brew. A twist on the classic Gose style, Half Hour Ahead does include the addition of sea salt as any Gose should, but they also decided to add blueberries! Specifically, 20 lbs of dehydrated blueberries from Markland Cottage Winery, all of which was added directly into the fermenter. The deep-purple beer is tasting quite tart, with a strong blueberry presence in the flavour. It comes in at 5.3% ABV, and is currently available on tap at the brewery’s taproom, exclusively.

Wolfville’s Annapolis Cider continues to put out new and interesting creations in their Something Different series with another entry now available. Rhubarb & Rosehips is a 7.0% ABV sparkling cider based on a juice blend from Golden Russet and Cox’s Orange Pippin apples that was infused with dried rose hips and fermented with rhubarb juice. Refreshing and bright, the rose hips bring a tartness that some might find similar to that of dried cranberry. Floral aromatics, a bit of red berry character, and a dry finish have this one sounding like a delicate delight. As always, $0.50 from every bottle will go to charity, this time it’s Rowan’s Room Respite & Development Centre in Middleton, NS.

Grimross has really been going hard with the Scratch series beers lately, as this week has not one, but two new ones to add to their growing list of one-offs. First up is Scratch #20: Living Roots Saison, a 5.7% ABV, 18 IBUs Saison named after the upcoming Living Root Music Festival in Fredericton (May 30th-June 2nd). Brewed with Pilsner malt and a mixture of flaked and malted Rye, it was hopped lightly with Calypso and Hallertau Mittelfruh. Fermented with a Brett and Saccharomyces blend from Escarpment Labs, the final beer has notes of “spice, considerable tangerine, light pepper, and dandelion”, and finishes nice and dry. You can grab it in pints and growlers, as well as cans, at Grimross, with cans available at ANBL stores any day now.

The next Scratch is on the American side of things, with Scratch #21: Session IPA. With a base of Maris Otter malt, they also blended in Golden Naked Oats, Honey malt, and Flaked Barley, lending some biscuit and granola character to the beer. Hopped late in the boil with Centennial and Delta, it was dry-hopped with a large addition of Calypso. The final beer lives up to its name at just 4% ABV (and 21 IBUs), and has lime, orange and grassiness on the palate, with an assertive bitterness. This one can also be found at the brewery (cans, on tap) starting today, with ANBL stores and licensees receiving it sometime next week.

TrailWay’s weekly Friday release today is an American IPA, which you may have guessed… however, this is the first beer they’ve fermented with a Kveik strain. Originating from Norway, this type of yeast ferments best at extremely warm – heck, even hot – temperatures, giving a wide variety of flavours and aromas. TW used the Voss Kveik strain from Escarpment Labs, and hopped the beer – which they’ve named Oculus –  “moderately” with Citra and Idaho 7. The result is a 6% ABV, full-bodied beer that is big in the citrus department. Available at the brewery today when they open at noon, on tap and in cans; kegs will be travelling across the province – and to Stillwell – over the coming days.

Lucky Moncton peoples can head on over to Tide & Boar, where the brewery has just released their latest beer, a Sour IPA named Millions of Peaches. This 7% ABV kettle sour features a grist that includes a large addition of oats, with lactose powder added in the boil to up the sweetness/body. Dry-hopped entirely with Citra, the beer was further conditioned on Fuzzy Peach candy (yep!) and peach puree. To tell you that the beer is tasting sour and peachey… well, it does, but we kinda think you could have figured that one out for yourselves! Limited availability, on tap at the brewpub only!

If you’re sight-seeing in the Lunenburg area, check out Shipwright Brewing, which has just tapped “Choc”-A-Block, their latest beer. A “Rye Stout”, it of course includes an addition of Rye malt in the grist, which gives a touch of spice in the finish, which goes well with the cacao and roasted coffee notes from the darker grains used in the brew. 5.2% ABV and 25 IBUs, you can grab it at the brewery right now in pints, growler, and crowlers. It should also be available on tap at the Grand Banker.

If you were at the NS Craft Beer Week Full House event, you might have stopped by the Garrison booth and tried a new IPA that they were quietly debuting that uses “American Noble Hops”. Whether you know about hops or not, you might wonder, “What the hell is that?” Well, we’ve mentioned the Cryo hop products from Yakima Chief – Hopunion (YCH) in previous posts, which allow brewers to get significantly more bang for their buck out of high-aroma and -bittering hop varieties by using less hop material and seeing less liquid (beer!) absorbed and lost. As it turns out, however, there’s a byproduct to the cryo extraction process that’s also been released to the market, the leaves and bract from the hop flowers that don’t have the same oil or alpha acid content of the cryo products, but which do maintain quite a bit of aroma and flavor. The name “American Noble Hops” seeks to qualify this product with brewers in terms of the classic low-alpha varieties from Continental Europe. Not a great name, no, but the alternative was apparently “Debittered Leaf” so… Anyway, Garrison has embraced these new hops in the first release in their new Hop Trip IPA series, starting with Hop Trip: American Noble Citra, a 6.2% ABV and 30 IBU beer in the NEIPA-ish style. Smooth and drinkable, thanks to those low alpha acid numbers, the beer still maintains plenty of Citra character, with mandarin, lemon, and lychee coming to the fore. Even better, this beer (and the beers to come in the series) has been canned in 355 mL cans, available this weekend at the Brewery for $2.99 each or 4 for $11.99. So if you’re a hop lover but can’t always justify a tall can, you might have plenty of reason to celebrate this one. Stay tuned for other entries in the series, we’ve been advised that a Hop Trip Brut IPA is in the offing as well.

Not too many beery events to tell you about this weekend, so use this as an excuse to get out and support your local brewery, or local bar who supports your local breweries, and toast their efforts. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you one last reminder that whether you’re in Moncton or St John’s, there is a Beer Fest in your backyard, which can be a good way to drink your way through the beer landscape. Both events feature local craft beer alongside macro and foreign producers, so if you wanted to try the latest batch of Silver Bullet to see if it still tastes the same now that you’ve left that type of beer behind, now’s your chance.

Next Wednesday, Matt and Dave from Toronto’s Burdock Brewing will be taking over the taps at Stillwell, hot off the heels of a collaborative pairing dinner at Little Oak the evening before (sorry, all sold out, folks!). Featuring the full variety of Burdock’s offerings, including the modern styles like Vermont Blond and IPA, wine-inspired (and -infused) Baby Riesling and a trio of BUMOs, and barrel-aged funky beers like Auko and Flur. Check out Stilly’s social media for the full list (which also includes the debut of a collaboration between Burdock and another brewery (ed. note, we incorrectly said it was with Stillwell Brewing originally), and come prepared to spend some time on May 29th.

Just a handful more beers to tell you about before we send you on your way!

Douglas, NB’s 3Flip Brewing is following up the release of last month’s “Pretzel Ale” with Lemon Kilmister. A “Lemon Blonde” that was hopped with Amarillo and given an addition of fresh lemon peel. Look for it on tap at The Joyce, Saint John Ale House, and Fredericton’s York St. ANBL for growler fills.

Sackville, New Brunswick’s, Bagtown Brewing has released a small batch of their take on a Farmer’s Double IPA this week. Weighing in at 8.5% ABV, it features the use of Cascade hops from local Wysmykal Farm to the tune of 60 IBU, and was bumped up with blueberries from Blueridge Berries in town. With such a limited production size, we definitely suggest dropping into the taproom and beergarden at 62 Main Street for a taste!

Corner Brook’s Bootleg BrewCo debuted a new beer this week, Brett Who? This 6.0% ABV beer was fermented with both brewer’s yeast and Brettanomyces for a light bodied and dry beer, with the iconic funky character that Brett imparts. Available now on tap for samples and pints in their taproom.

Newfoundland’s Dildo Brewing Company debuted a new one this week, playing on a question we imagine gets asked all over the world …Where the Helles Dildo? For those of us fortunate enough to know the answer, we’ll be rewarded with a German Helles, Dildo’s first Lager. This 6.5% ABV pale lager toes the line with malt and hops playing nicely together for an easily quaffable beer. Drop by the brewery this weekend to grab a pint or growler, and to tell the world, I know where the Helles Dildo!

Niche Brewing has brought back another of their popular beers this week: Ethos is their Brett saison, a lightly tart, dry, and funky beer brewed with their house culture. It’s going out to their usual New Brunswick accounts and will very likely also make an appearance in Halifax at Stilwell and/or the Stillwell Beer Garden.

Ninepenny Brewing in Conception Bay South has a brand new beer on tap these days. Belgian Pale Ale is a 5.0% ABV brew reminiscent of those in Europe, with notes of toffee and toast from the malt, along with a complementing yeast character. As always, the best place to grab a sample, pint, or growler is at the source, at 75 Conception Bay Hwy, open today from 4 PM.

This weekend marks the return of another one of Greg Nash’s hop hammers at Unfiltered, namely Riddle of Steel. Touted as a hybrid of West Coast and New England IPA styles, it’s 7% and available for fills, pints and in cans, thank Crom!! Also available in cans at the retail shop this weekend are Twelve Years to Zion, All Falc’d Up, and Warning Label.

For fans of craft beer in Nova Scotia, one of the most wonderful times of the year is upon us. For beer bloggers, well, at least we’ll have cold beer glasses full of fine ales and lagers to soothe our sore fingers. Yes, Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week is upon us, and it’s fixing to be a busy one with events starting tonight and going clear through to next Sunday. We did our best to put together a couple of tools to help you navigate the plethora of events including a calendar and a map. You can find those in our post from yesterday. But don’t be fooled, there’s still plenty going on in New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland. So without further ado, here’s 4,000+ words on what’s to drink and what’s to do if you’re a beer lover in Atlantic Canada this week.

Attention Cape Breton Beer Fans, there is another brewery open on your beautiful island! Route 19 Brewing is located in Inverness, at 16030 Central Avenue (aka Route 19), very close to the Cabot Links Golf Course. After a tease of their beers were pouring at Battery Park and Westside Cookhouse last week, Route 19 will be celebrating their Opening Weekend at their own taproom starting today at 4 PM, and again tomorrow (also opening at 4 PM). Keith Mullins and Colin Grant will be playing this evening 7 – 10 PM, with Mullins playing again tomorrow evening 7:30 – 10:30 PM. So, what else can you expect if you drop by? There will be five of their own beer pouring (The Nineteenth Hole Pale Ale, Red Rows Scotch Ale, 1497 IPA, Coal Dust Stout, and Sea Ice Double IPA), plus food from their kitchen, and plenty of merch and swag to take away. After the weekend, the brewery and taproom are open from 4 PM daily, open until 10 PM (or whenever the fun dies down), except later on Friday and Saturday (1 AM). For those unable to pop in over the next week, they will be pouring their beer at next Saturday’s Full House event in Halifax, so be sure to grab tickets before they sell out! Congratulations on opening! Keep an eye here for a full Profile with the R19 folks soon, and in the meantime, follow them on your preferred social media platform (Fb/Ig/Tw).

Fans of lovely beer across New Brunswick have another reason to be happy this weekend, as Fredericton’s (FINE, Hanwell’s) Niche Brewing has their second bottled offering available; it should appear over the next couple of days at select ANBL locations around the Province. This one also happens to be the second collaboration with Halifax’s 2 Crows, which, if you remember the first, Cool Kid, should have you pretty excited. Golden Flair falls into the saison style, brewed with Pilsner, Oats and Spelt before being fermented with a blend of house yeast cultures from both breweries. Aged in a single Chardonnay barrel, and addition of apricot purée and a healthy dry hop of El Dorado and Ekuanot completed the picture before packaging. The finished beer is rife with yeast character, with some funk, apricot, of course, tropical fruit and a touch of oak. Look for updates on Niche social media (Fb/Ig/Tw) over the next few days to help guide you to an ANBL location that’s got some!

Speaking of 2 Crows, let’s head over to their brewery in Halifax, where they’ll be releasing another collaboration beer tomorrow at noon. They teamed up with British Columbia’s Dageraad Brewing to brew a foedre-aged wild Saison, Fool’s Errand. With a base of Pilsner, Triticale, and a bit of Munich malt, they hopped it lightly in the whirlpool stage with Sterling and Huell Melon. Fermented in a foedre with multiple house yeast cultures, it remained there for four months before being dry-hopped with Loral, Huell Melon, and Citra. Can-conditioned with champagne yeast, it’s tasting “super bright, lightly tart, with big melon and orchard fruit character and a balanced bit of funk”. This beer sounds wonderful, but we’d also like to do a little hat tip to 2 Crows for admitting out of the gate that this is their second attempt at this beer, as the first time around (the day after the 2018 Canadian Brewing Awards… eek!) resulted in a batch that they weren’t completely happy with. Dumping any beer isn’t easy… dumping a 7-month old beer is even worse. Thanks for thinking of your beer fans, 2 Crows! Oh, and tell your employees to enjoy what’s pouring at their next 18 staff parties! 😉

The 2 Crows crew are releasing a second beer this weekend, this one a collaborative effort with the folks from Big Spruce in Nyanza, Cape Breton. Media Naranja is a 5.8% ABV “Copenhagen lager” that began life fermented and aged for five months in a Chardonnay barrel, then finished with the addition of orange zest shortly before packaging. Described as “bright and crisp”, along with “notes of white win, cut green grass, wildflower honey and melon”, the beer is debuting Sunday at 4 PM in the 2 Crows taproom. To celebrate, they are holding a “Tap Sharing” event, with plenty of great beers from both breweries pouring that afternoon, including some favourite rare kegs held back for that day. Live music from Son Latino will help you stay in the mood, and there will be a special menu as well. Cans will also be available, but only at the two breweries!

Keeping in the “Shared Tap Takeover” theme, let’s highlight a couple more new beer from Big Spruce coming out this weekend, including one pouring at their Cape Breton Double Header Tap Takeover Weekend at Jamieson’s Irish Pub in Dartmouth. Put Me in Kolsch is a 4.9% ABV dry-hopped ale/lager hybrid, that was given an extra bump of hops in a dry-hopping addition of Nelson Sauvin and Citra, for a bright citrus and floral nose, with passion fruit and pear on the palate. Dry, crisp, and clean thanks to the yeast and fermentation temperature, this was brewed by some of the important women in the Big Spruce family, including co-owner Melanie Bock-White and manager Shauna Asaph. This will be one of Big Spruce’s signature offerings at Saturday’s Brewster Fest at the Mayflower Curling Club (still some tickets available here!). You’ll also be able to catch it on tap at Battery Park and Stillwell, and in bottles at private stores and their Seaport Market stall.

Next from Big Spruce is another collaborative effort with two other breweries in the province, Cerberus IPA. Brewed once again with Tatamagouche Brewing, the only other Organic brewery in the province, this year’s three-headed and -handed release saw soon-to-open The Church Brewing from Wolfville share in the fun. Doubling (or should we say Tripling) down on the hops with El Dorado, Mosaic, and Simcoe, this 7.5% ABV American IPA weighs in at 48 IBU, with tropical and piney aroma and flavour in a hazy and tasty package. Look for cans of Cerberus around town post haste. Also returning this week is Big Spruce’s signal that warmer weather can’t be far away, their Silver Tart Sour Raspberry Wheat Ale. This 4.0% ABV beer is once again in its distinctive pink can, and will be available very soon in retailers across the region.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Big Spruce’s yearly collaboration with the Ocean Tracking Network, Tag! You’re It! is back for 2019, with a tweaked recipe, a spiffy new design featuring a salmon. They’re also happy to announce that it’s going to be available at NSLC stores across the province so everyone can get in on the hazy juiciness. Once again, $0.50 from every can sold will go to benefit marine research and education. And if you scan your Air Miles card when you make your purchase you’ll automatically be entered to win a shark tagging trip this summer!

Let’s turn to Big Spruce’s competitor in the Jamieson’s event, Breton Brewing. They have two new beers pouring this weekend as well, so let’s dive right in! Let’s Jam! is a kettle sour brewed with “loads” of strawberry and rhubarb. Pink in colour, they’re describing it as sweet upfront and lightly tart in the finish. At 4% ABV and 4 IBUs, it was brewed to be consumed in quantity, preferably during some warmer days once they come back to our region again. Aside from also being available at the brewery, cans will also be hitting NSLC shelves this coming Monday, allowing those of you outside Cape Breton to stock up easily. Their next beer is another collaboration with the Brathair Brewing homebrew team, which they’re calling Mosaic to the People. It’s a DIPA that we’re pretty sure you can guess what hop is featured… hey, you got it! Mosaic! Apparently they happily used quite a bit of it in this 7.6% ABV, 60 IBUs beer, so expect lots of mango, pineapple, tangerine, peach, and pine backed up by a supporting malt backbone, all in a hazy package. If you want to be one of the first ones to try this beer on tap (it’s being released in kegs only), head to Jamieson’s this weekend and seek it out there.

Spindrift is releasing a very-limited run of bottles of their newest beer next week, a “Rye-Maibock” called Heaven’s Goat. Brewed with Pilsner, Munich II, and Rye malt, they hopped it with Tettnang and Herkules (to the tune of 28 IBUs). The beer was brewed “during the winter months” (that’s quite a range!) and conditioned until it’s release next Wednesday, May 1st. Weighing in at 5.5% ABV, it’s showing flavours of “warm honey, dark and stone fruits, and grainy, medium-toasted bread”, all backed up by some floral character from the hops, and a bit of spice from the Rye malt. There’s only sixty 500 mL bottles available, so if you’re anxious to try, be sure to be at the brewery next Wednesday.

Corner Brook’s Bootleg Brew Co may have jumped the gun a little bit this week, releasing a fair weather beer when the forecast is calling for anything but. Ay Caramba! is a chili lime pale ale coming in at a nice and light 4.5% ABV, with lots of fresh lime juice and a bit of a kick from some Scotch Bonnet peppers. Crisp and easy drinking, it can’t change the weather that’s coming through, but it can certainly help you think of warmer and sunnier days that are (hopefully) soon to come. Bootleg is also happy to report that they’ve got their Squiffy Boy IPA available in 1 L swing-top bottles to go from the brewery. They’re hoping to have freshly bottled beer every Tuesday, so you can plan to bring back your empties and exchange them for full ones!

Down on Nova Scotia’s South Shore near Yarmouth, Tusket Falls has a couple new ones to talk about, the first being Electric City, a Mango Sour IPA. Featuring pale wheat malt for a light body, along with Citra hops and some fresh mango puree added after primary fermentation, it was soured with a culture of Lactobacillus. Nice and light, at 4.5% ABV, expect a slightly tart beer with plenty of mango flavor and a hop kick. You’ll find this one at the brewery, of course, at private stores in the city sometime soon, and this summer at NSLC stores. Also being released this weekend is Keep On the Low Road, a Robust Porter at 6.0% ABV. The use of specialty malts from the UK gives this one plenty of deep and sweet malt presence balanced by a roasty character, with underlying notes of toffee, caramel, and dark chocolate. It’s got plenty of flavor, but a soft mouthfeel. Look for it in cans at the brewery and, hopefully some of it will make it to the city as well.

Tidehouse Brewing has been busy getting some beers ready for Brewster Fest this weekend – two returning favourites and two brand new beers (one of which is a collaboration). For the returning beers, both are the first two entries in their Rockwell Series, both of which were created by their very own Shannon Higgins. Rockwell Series Vol. I originally came out near the brewery’s beginning; it’s a 8.4% ABV DIPA hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo, featuring lots of grapefruit, tangerine, and citrus. Rockwell Series Vol II – more commonly known as Hibiscus City – has popped up more than once; it’s a Hibiscus Lime Gose that weighs in at a very sessionable 4% ABV. Shannon has also been persuaded to brew a new beer to keep the series alive, with Rockwell Series Vol III: Splendid, a Grisette brewed with cucumber and juniper berries. With a simple grist of Pilsner and Wheat malt, as well as a little Vienna and acid malt, it was fermented with the French Saison yeast strain. Juniper berries were added in two stages (during fermentation and after), with the cucumber going in just a couple of days before packaging. And their fourth beer pouring at the fest will be a collaboration brew with a couple of local homebrewers (and members of the Brewnosers), Darci and Jenn Shaw. These ladies have been tweaking their recipe for a coffee stout on their home system for some time and Tidehouse has helped them push out a much bigger batch. Even better, Jeremy Waterman of Low Point Coffee happened to have something extra special on hand to up the ante in the form of some San Antonio coffee from Costa Rica. Central Perk Coffee Stout tips the scales at 6.0% ABV, with plenty of caramel, roast, and chocolate notes, with just enough coffee that you know it’s there, but not so much that you wonder whether what you’re really drinking is beer.

Newfoundland’s Port Rexton Brewing will be on-hand for Saturday’s Brewster Fest as well, invited to share in the celebration of a stronger female presence in the beer community. We really hope they’ll be bringing their latest release, their Salted Stout. This 5.4% ABV ale showcases roast and dark chocolate aroma and flavour, with some dark cherry and fig notes. The addition of salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company lightens the body and mouthfeel, keeping this jet black brew nice and refreshing. For those back in Newfoundland, you will be able to catch growler fills at their St John’s Retail Shop, as well as the brewery, open 4 – 10 PM Friday and Saturday, 12 – 6 PM Sunday. And great news, starting next weekend, the Port Rexton taproom will be open 7 days a week for the summer, so now you can pop in whenever you like, 12 – 10 PM daily!

As one of the longest running breweries in the region, Propeller is, as you’d expect, going to be heavily involved with NS Craft Beer Week. And they’re also bringing plenty of beer to the mix too. You’ll be able to grab the Dry-hopped Blonde brewed in collaboration with the Ladies Beer League at Saturday’s Brewster Fest, and they’ve got a couple other things on the go as well. Earlier this week saw the release of Loral Saison, a smaller batch of barrel-fermented saison. Generously dry hopped with Loral, a relatively new hop with an old school pedigree and known to have a “super noble” character heavy on floral and herbal notes, which present nicely in this beer. Other tasting notes include some citrus and earthy character and a bit of fruity sweetness on the nose. It finishes dry and clean with a balanced bitterness. Only eight kegs of this 5.5% ABV beer were produced, so it’s available only at the brewery for pints and flights. Coming out tonight is another new one, Mocha Oatmeal Stout. Designed to showcase both coffee and beer, it features plenty of coffee character (locally roasted, of course), alongside flavors of brown sugar and milk chocolate. This one has been put into cans, but is also available for growler fills at the brewery. And it has been suggested that a keg might make it over to Battery Park to go on the nitro tap, which would be an extra special treat indeed. And that’s not all that will be available tonight, as they’re having their usual cask night, this time featuring their Common with a kick of Simcoe hops being tapped at 5 PM. Plus Humble Pies available to keep you happy. More details here. Plus keep an eye on their Social Media (Fb/Ig/Tw) for the several fun events they’ve got on the go for the week. Oh, and if you are scientifically-minded, and want to get into the brewing industry, Propeller is hiring a Quality Assurance Manager, responsible for running their lab and sensory panel. The full job details are available here.

Also with lots on the go is Shelburne’s Boxing Rock. Starting with a new refresher for the summer, they’ve got Arnold’s Apricot Wheat Ale available now in bottles at the brewery and the bottle shop at Local Source. A pale ale with plenty of wheat, it’s subtly sweet and 5.5% ABV. The addition of real apricots provides a stone fruit presence. Also new on the docket and debuting at next week’s Full House event is Summer Love, a dry-hopped sour ale with a 5.4% ABV. Brewed with Pilsner malt and some oat flakes before being kettle-soured, it’s got very little bitterness, with a citrus and tropical flavor punch coming courtesy of a dry-hop of Simcoe and Amarillo. We expect to see this one at the brewery and the bottle shop as well, and, hopefully for the sake of the beautiful weather we’re sure to be having any time now, at private stores in the city as well. And if you’re in the city looking for something to do on Sunday afternoon, the finals of the 2019 Boxing Rock Black Box Challenge will be taking place at Hop Yard on Gottingen Street in Halifax starting at 12 PM. Grab a pint and watch each of the six finalists present their beer along with a vinyl record they paired with it before the winner is crowned. It’s always impressive to see the creativity put into the presentations and the variety of ways homebrewers come up with to talk about their passion.

Out in Port Williams, NS, Sea Level Brewing has a new beer releasing today, one that features their own Synergy Malt. Maple Bach is a German Bock made with a Pilsner yeast and noble Hallertau hops. Lagered very cold (near 0°C) for three weeks, the cherry on the sundae was the addition of Sea Level’s own Estate Maple Syrup. Available in cans and growlers at the brewery store and on tap at the Port Pub & Bistro and Maritime Express Cider in Kentville, this one is truly farm to glass.

New Scotland Brewing has put together a tropical stout that’s pouring as of today at their spot in Dartmouth. McCoy’s Contraband is blacker than black, with notes of chocolate, roasted coffee, and a subtle spiciness from the inclusion of some rye malt in the grist. Served on nitro for the ultimate in creamy texture and mouthfeel, all that darkness is balanced by citrus and tropical elements from the use of Chinook, Citra, and Amarillo hops. Plenty beefy at 8.3% ABV, you shouldn’t find the 36 IBU too bitter at all. In addition to the tap room, you can reasonably expect to find this one popping on tap at various other places around the city, with both standard carbonation and nitro pours available.

Plenty of things going on in the region this weekend and into next week, check them out! And of course keep an eye on the NSCBW Calendar we put together so that you’re never late for an event.

One of the most unique events of the NS Craft Beer Week festivities goes on tomorrow, April 27th, at the Mayflower Curling Club in Halifax. Spearheaded and organized by the fine folks of Good Robot, Brewster Fest recognizes and celebrates the women and woman-identifying brewers and staff who help make the industry and the local scenes across our region as amazing as they are. Nineteen breweries and cideries will be in attendance, with more than fifty beers pouring, all (or almost all) of which involved women in the brewing process. Tickets are still available for both sessions, 1 – 4 PM and 7 – 10 PM; absolutely everyone is welcome, regardless of how they identify, as long as they’re there to celebrate beer and the women and woman-identifying people who help make it possible. (ProTip: if you’re planning to attend and you think you might find yourself starting a sentence with, “Well, actually…” or using the phrase “…not just women…” we recommend you grab a six-pack of something local and stay home instead.) ACBeerBlog will be in attendance, with representation likely at both sessions, so as always, if you see one (or more) of us, come say, “Hi!” And if you want to hear more about how this event came about from the people who made it happen, check out the latest 902BrewCast episode with Kelly & Nicki of Good Robot, and Evelyn of Propeller!

Here’s a full list of the breweries and cideries that will be participating:

  • Port Rexton Brewery
  • Chainyard Urban Cidery
  • Boxing Rock
  • Sober Island
  • Propeller
  • Big Spruce
  • Tatamagouche
  • Big Tide
  • 2 Crows
  • Garrison
  • A. Keith’s
  • Tidehouse
  • Shipwright
  • Upstreet
  • Brightwood
  • Saltbox
  • Lunn’s Mill
  • New Scotland
  • Good Robot Brewing

We’ve also got a little contest going on Twitter today to give away two tickets to this event. Check it out!!

Halifax’s Unfiltered Brewing is taking their show on the road to Toronto tomorrow (April 27), with an appearance by co-owner Andrew Murphy at Birreria Volo entitled “An Afternoon with Unfiltered Brewing.” Featuring 12 beers pouring, including their regular hop-heavy lineup, some mixed-fermentation, sour, heavy, and wood-aged favorites, and even a couple of apparently one-off beers we don’t remember previously hearing about. Festivities start at 2 PM (EDT) and the beers will pour as long as supplies last. Nice to see Toronto having a chance to get on the good shit. So if you’re going to be in the T-dot this weekend, or have some beer-loving friends who live up there, you might make a plan to either attend or make a mention of this to your pals. Here’s the full list for your edification:

  • Commissar (2019) – Russian Imperial Stout
  • Daytimer – Berliner Weisse
  • Hoppy Fingers – American Pale Ale
  • Exile On North St – Gluten-Reduced IPA
  • Twelve Years To Zion – DIPA
  • Sour Motherf@$&er – Sour Cherry Oak Aged Wheat Beer
  • Mise En Garde! – Co-Fermented Oak Aged Barley Wine
  • Fist Of God – DIPA
  • Inducement – DIPA
  • Flat Black Jesus – American Stout
  • Daytimer Repasado – Tequila Barrel Aged Berliner Weisse w. Salt
  • DIBA – Double India Black Ale

In addition to all of the events happening for NSCBW, this time of year is also special as it marks Good Robot’s anniversary of opening. Celebrating Four Years of operation (shocking, eh?? 😉 ) on Sunday the 28th, the most questionable brewery in Halifax is opening their Gastroturf patio for the season, and will be shucking oysters all day. Bring your pup and take a break from the madness to refresh before the rest of the week hits ya. More details here.

Quidi Vidi Brewing is continuing their trend of inviting special interest groups to the taproom, next Tuesday, April 30, is Knit Night! The folks from Cast On Cast Off are hosting the evening of pints and patterns with fellow enthusiasts. No word yet if there is a theme to the evening, but we encourage you to check out the info here and ask away!

May 18th marks Meander River’s Fifth Anniversary, and they are throwing a massive party to simultaneously celebrate their Grand Opening and five years in business. You see, they have been flat out brewing beer, and then expanding into the cider world as well, and haven’t stopped since opening their doors in May 2014. After some hiccups on that first day, including being overwhelmed with the response and running out of beer, they have gone on to win awards both regionally and nationally for both beer and cider. From opening at 11 AM on the 18th, they’ll be slinging some brand new beers (sneak peeks available at the Full House event May 4th, we won’t ruin the surprise here), Nomad Gourmet Food Truck will be set up from 2 – 8 PM. The Big Country Ramblers bluegrass band take the stage at 7 PM, and the evening will be capped with fireworks at 9:30. Check out the full details on Facebook. Congratulations!

And just a couple more things to mention before we leave you to enjoy the opening weekend of NS Craft Beer Week!!

Hampton Brewing in (imaaaagine!) Hampton, New Brunswick, is has released a new beer they’re calling Afternooner that should be perfect for the patio season. A “juicy blonde ale” it features a blend of American hops on top of a grist of 2-row and malted wheat. A slight bitterness rounds out this refreshing 5.2% ABV and 30 IBU beer.

Details are a bit slim at the moment, but we’ve spotted that CBS’s Ninepenny Brewing debuted a new beer yesterday. Original Bitter is another of their English-inspired beers to be brewed and available on tap. Grab this 3.7% ABV beer on tap and for growler fills at the brewery this weekend, along with their Porter, Blonde, Red, Witbier, and NEIPA. The taproom is open 4 – 10 PM today, 2 – 10 PM Saturday, and 12 – 6 PM Sunday.