Lone Oak Brewing is opening their doors in Borden-Carleton on Prince Edward Island this weekend. Located at 103 Abegwait Blvd in Gateway Village, this is your first (and/or last) stop when visiting the Island. Spencer Gallant, Jared Murphy, and Dillon Wight are the co-founders, co-owners, and all-Islanders, having met while studying and playing varsity sports at the University of Prince Edward Island. Together with friend and jack of all trades (and fellow Islander) Dan Hendricken, they are excited to bring Lone Oak to Islanders and visitors alike. With a wide range of backgrounds in professional and personal lives, the four each bring a wealth of knowledge to the full Lone Oak experience. We spoke with Head Brewer Spencer Gallant to learn more about Lone Oak, his journey in and through beer, and what you’ll soon be enjoying from them.

How did you get into the world of beer?
My beer journey began in the last year of my undergrad at UPEI. Being in Chemistry, I have a passion for science and wanted to apply this to a career. I then applied for a part time gig at PEI Brewing Company on their packaging line, in hopes to segue into brewing. After several months putting bottles into boxes, I was granted time in the cellar to learn the trade of brewing under Chris Long and Bob Lawrence. After this, I was hooked. Picking up any brewing book I could, studying for the Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, gaining knowledge any way possible. Most recently I am finishing up graduate research on wild growing hops in the Maritime region. And here we are now.

What made you decide to take the steps into opening a brewery?
Isn’t it every brewer’s dream to have his/her own brewery? While working with PEIBC/Gahan for 6 years, I was involved in the process of opening up a brewery from start to finish on 4 different occasions. This gave me the confidence and knowledge to do so on my own. I know the styles of beer I want to make, and the way I want to see them marketed. Being able to have control on the product in every aspect was important to me, and wasn’t always a reality when working for somebody else.

What is the culture or ethos of the brewery?
Local, local, local. We want to push local ingredients in our beers and create a local hub in central PEI. We have the opportunity to be the first point of contact with tourists given our location, so we plan to showcase all the talent on our Island. From our table and chairs, tap handles, artwork and decor, to our beer ingredients, we push for local. We’re featuring malt from both Shoreline Malting and Island Malt House, hops from Darlings Island Hop Farm (currently located in New Brunswick), and the apples for our cider are from Red Shore Orchards in Montague. Our brewery will have a pretty laid back feel to it, for anyone to enjoy. Quality. Local. Simple. It’s just beer.

Can you tell us about the beers you plan on offering initially?
Overall, the beers that well be produced at Lone Oak will be crisp, sessionable beers ranging through hop styles, lagers, and mixed fermentations, with the occasional outlier of a seasonal.
Yankee Gale Pale Ale – 5.7% – Hazy pale ale loaded up with hops to drive a tropical forward beer with undertones of citrus and pine. Features AmarilloCascade, and New Zealand Moutere.
South Shore Sour – 5.0% – Fermented with a blend of Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces delivers a fruity sour with notes of guava, melon, and fresh lemon zest. Expect fruited variations of this down the road. Hops in this initial release are El Dorado.
Fixed Link Maritime Pilsner – 4.7% – Brewed will all PEI-grown malt and New Brunswick-grown Magnum and Ultra hops. German inspired with the maritime terroir. This pils is dry, crisp and clean with a Noble hop character.
Iron O3chard Hard Cider – 5.5% – An ode to the rust that gives Island dirt its iconic red colour, Iron O3chard is made with a blend of PEI MacIntosh and Cortland apples. It’s a dry cider with notes of white wine and fresh picked apples. Expect to see some barrel aged/Brett ciders down the road.
That is the starting line up – we do have some seasonals in the works including a Foeder Aged Stout, mixed ferment saisons.

How will folks be able to enjoy these and future releases?
We have a 100 person taproom on site, complete with a stage to host events and parties, where customers can sit in for a pint (or several). Our retail shop has growlers and cans to go (and merch too!). In addition, our cans will be available in the PEILCC stores next month.

How about elsewhere on the Island?
Most certainly. We are still in the relationship building phase, but we have commitment from about 15 accounts locally. Including our good friends Mike and Brett of HopYard Beer Bar in Charlottetown.

Have you had any assistance from other breweries/people in Atlantic Canada (or elsewhere)?
Very fortunate to have a lot of friends and colleagues in the brewing industry here locally. The gang at PEIBC has been willing to help in a number of aspects, so thank you to them all. Big bad Bryan Carver was also a big help in getting some setup done. Other brewers; Jeremy Taylor, Matt Kenny, Kyle Jeppsen, Mark Patriquin, Ken Spears, Matt Martel allowed me to bend their ear a bit for brewing and start up issues.

Where do you hope to see your brewery in the next 2-3 years?
Always growing. We hope to crack into other markets in Atlantic Canada over the next couple years, as well as a taproom in a more urban centre. We hope to build a strong sense of community with the surrounding areas of our brewery and have a thriving local watering hole.

Let’s get nerdy, tell us about the lovely brewhouse and equipment we can see from the taproom.
We’re rocking a 10 BBL (1200 litre) 2-vessel system from Specific Mechanical in Victoria, British Columbia. We’ve paired it with six 20 BBL (2400 litre) fermentation vessels, to let us rotate through a variety of beers.

Care to share some info on your brewing history (at home or commercially)?
I may have already touched on this in a previous question but; 6 years at PEIBC/Gahan with a variety of roles during my time there. Working in packaging, QC, cellaring/filtration. innovation brewer, shift brewer, to managing the brewing at 5 Gahan pubs. I have actually never homebrewed at home. The first batch of beer I ever made was 5000 litres. Courses at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, and my graduate research at UPEI helped add to my brewing skill set. I am also an active member of the American Society of Brewing Chemists and have given presentations at conference across North America.

Do you have a favorite beer style, beer, or brewery you enjoy drinking?
Honestly, I love a lot of styles of beer. They all have a place and time to be consumed. But if I were to pick a beer that I could drink forever, it would be Saison DuPont. Its just perfect. Other breweries I really look up to are; Allagash, Oxbow, and Brasserie de la Senne.

How about favourite style or ingredient to brew with?
I like to keep it simple. 1 malt, maybe 2-3 if I’m feeling groovy. And same goes for hops. Adding more ingredients doesn’t necessarily add more complexity to the beer, but can take away from it. At the Lone Oak, I am going to be pushing for local ingredients, so why not showcase what our suppliers/farmers can do. Saisons are my fave to brew.

Congratulations to Dan, Jared, Dillon, and Spencer on Lone Oak Brewing’s opening this weekend. Drop by their place Friday at 4 PM until late to grab your first pint, growlers, and cans of the beer and cider. Keep an eye on their website and Social Media (Fb/Ig/Tw) for their taproom hours and news of their latest releases and pop-ups and takeovers they’ll be holding in the coming days and weeks. Located just a stone’s throw from the Borden-Carleton side of the Confederation Bridge, this will be a great opportunity to highlight the excellent beer and cider available on the Island.

Tire Shack Brewing is located at 190 John Street in downtown Moncton, New Brunswick, and is poised to open within the next few days. Ahead of their opening, we had the opportunity to visit the space and speak with owners Alan Norman and Jerica Kennedy, and Brewer Henrique (Henry) Soares. While they await the last i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed before opening, let’s learn more about them, their beers, and their unique space!

– Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?
Alan and Jerica: We are so excited to open this brewery and share our love of beer with the East Coast! We grew up in Riverview, NB but have been away for far too long. We are so stoked to be back! Work took us to Toronto for the past 16 years and allowed us to travel and experience some incredible breweries throughout North America and beyond, not to mention some pretty great ones in Toronto. We were really fortunate to live next door to Bellwoods Brewery and watch them go from renovations/start-up to the incredible brewery they are now. We really learned a
lot from them.
Brewer Henry Soares has had a busy beer-filled career since getting into homebrewing almost a decade ago. First studying Biophysics in University in his native Brazil, he switched gears and attended a VLB Berlin-accredited Brewing program in his home country, before moving north and completing the two-year Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Program at Niagara College. During, and after, graduation, he worked at a couple of breweries in Ontario, before the opportunity to run the brewing program at Tire Shack in Moncton arose.

– What made you decide to take the step into opening a brewery?
We thought, “What was crazier? Buying a house in Toronto or opening a craft brewery?” We are still not sure about the correct response 🙂
To make it even harder on ourselves, we decided to turn an old abandoned auto-garage into a craft brewery…a gargantuan task…believe me!
Joking aside, we love our location and knew it was the perfect spot the moment we laid eyes on it. We are very proud of the work we have done on the space and can’t wait to share it with all of the AC Beer Blog readers 🙂

– What is the culture or ethos of the brewery?
It’s all about community and guest experience. We want to create an engaging place that allows you to connect with friends over a shared experience…great beer. Our large taproom will allow you to be directly connected to our on-site brewery, guaranteeing the freshest beer possible as well as a great atmosphere to enjoy a few pints.

– Can you tell us more about the brewery and taproom space?
Our brewery will be located in an old auto-garage that was once operating as ‘The Tire Shack’ that everyone seems to have a story about. We love the idea of breathing new life into such a wonderful building that has been a part of the city landscape and community for so long. The name ‘Tire Shack Brewing Co.’ made perfect sense to us.

– Can you tell us about the beers you plan on offering initially?
Now why would we go ahead and do that? That would ruin the surprise. Rest assured, we are very excited about the beers we will be producing and we plan to rotate our selection a lot! We are really looking forward to experimenting on our pilot system… and I do mean experimenting. Eventually we plan to get a bit ‘funky’ too (that reference is for the true beer connoisseurs…you know who you are).
Ed Note: Since opening, we can share the details of those beers: The Specialist Blonde Ale (5.0% ABV), Secret Society Toasted Marshmallow Stout (5.5% ABV), Realignment Juicy Pale Ale (6.0% ABV), Full Service Double IPA (7.5% ABV), and Zenith Libation Cardamom Wit Beer (5.5% ABV).

– Ok smart guy, how can people drink these mystery beers?
We have a fairly large brewing system and fermentation capacity so we will do a little bit of everything. The best way to get our beer will be via our on-site taproom. At the taproom you will be able to enjoy a pint, fill growlers, purchase cans, and buy great merch. Basically, we’ve got you covered when you visit the brewery. We also plan on distributing to other bars and restaurants that might be interested in selling our product. We will also be available on the shelf of the ANBL.

– Have you had any assistance from other breweries/people in Atlantic Canada (or elsewhere)?
This is another great reason why we are so happy to be back in the Maritimes…incredibly friendly people who are happy to help. We have bugged a lot of breweries over the past year and a half and they’ve all been so kind. The list is too long to name names…so to all of you THANK YOU!!! WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!

– Do you have a favorite beer style, beer, or brewery you enjoy drinking?
We love all beer styles (yes, we even love lagers). It all depends on the seasons when it comes to favorite beer to drink for us. Three breweries that have had a profound influence on us are the aforementioned Bellwoods Brewery, Other Half Brewing and Blood Brothers Brewing.

– Let’s get nerdy and chat about the brewery itself…
We are brewing on a 15BBL (1700 litre), 2-vessel brewhouse, with a 30BBL (3500 litre) Hot Liquor Tank from Criveller. Our current fermentation situation is 1 x 15BBL and 3 x 30BBL fermenters, plus a 30BBL Brite tank. We also have a 1BBL (117 litre) pilot system with 2 x 1BBL SS Brewtech fermenters, for those experiments we talked about.

– Do you have an approximate opening date?
If the stars align with the sun and the moon at the exact specific time of the highest tide during the fullest moon and the groundhog sees his shadow then it will most likely be sometime in early November. In all seriousness though we are hoping for early November, but converting an abandoned auto-garage into a craft brewery has been a daunting task which has made us paranoid and allergic to timelines. I promise though that we are working overtime to open those doors.

Thanks again to Alan, Jerica and Henry for spending their time getting us up to speed on Tire Shack. Keep up to date on their Facebook and Instagram pages, which will have all of the Opening Day details as they are set. Which will be soon. Very, very soon. And kick the tires (sorry, first pun of the story, so you’ve gotta give us that!) of their website to track their retail and taproom hours and where in the future you could grab a pint of their beer at local licensees.
Ed Note: Their taproom and retail hours are: Sun 12 – 10 PM, Mon – Tues 11 – 10 PM, Wed – Thurs 11 – 11 PM, and Fri – Sat 11 – 12AM.

Bogside Logo

Montague PEI’s Bogside Brewing opened their doors May 31st, just in time for the inaugural PEI Craft Beer Week. While some minor hiccups meant their own beers were not immediately available, they filled their taps with beer and cider from the other Island producers. They have since ironed out those kinks and are now in full production mode, ready to serve the thirsty public their own brews, and pair them with an extensive food program. We caught up with Mark, Dave, and David to get us up to speed with the brewery, taproom, and kitchen.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?
I am Mark Patriquin and I’m the Head Brewer. I’m originally from Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia and I’ve been brewing commercially for 3 years on both the East and West coasts. David McGuire, Bogside’s owner, has been visiting breweries everywhere he travels, and has visited somewhere in the 100-range. He also works as a civil servant in the Agriculture and Fisheries departments of the local government which tie in nicely with our restaurant. Chef Dave Mottershall has previously owned and operated restaurants such as Terre Rouge in Charlottetown and Loka in Toronto. Most recently he was the butcher at the Chef Michael Smith’s Inn at Bay Fortune before joining the Bogside team.

How did you get into the world of beer?
After finishing my Biology degree at StFX, I started working at TataBrew as a cellarman, eventually working my way up to becoming a brewer. The following January, I decided to attend the VLB in Berlin to get my Certified Brewmaster Diploma before returning to Tatamagouche for another year. I then moved to BC and worked for Four Winds in Delta and Central City (Red Racer) in Surrey before moving back to the east coast.

What made you decide to take the step into opening a brewery?
I think most brewers have a dream of opening their own brewery one day, so when the opportunity came up with Bogside to start fresh and to help build a brewery/brand it was impossible to say no. David has been working on this project for about 2 years but has been wanting to open a brewery for almost a decade.

What is the ethos of the brewery?
Work hard, have fun and keep the customer in mind at all times. We brew beer that we want to drink and serve food we want to eat, and we think of customers as friends and family – we try to do the best job possible with anything we do and create an open and welcoming place for people to enjoy.

Open Kitchen

Tell us about the brewery and taproom name, Bogside?
Bogside is the historic local name for the neighbourhood along the north side of the beautiful Montague River. Once an industrial area along the waterfront and railway tracks; Bogside is a place for the finest kind of adventure and exploration.
Bogside Brewing overlooks a beautiful marina, working wharf, and one of the Three Rivers that connect the communities of Montague, Cardigan, Georgetown and Brudenell.
Beer and Cider at Bogside is always fresh and our taproom is a welcoming spot for friends to gather and enjoy a pint or socialize over some delicious food. Every town has that one place where you feel alive, a place to catch up, and the relaxed atmosphere of a public house.
This is ours.

Can you tell us about the beers you plan on offering initially? Any seasonals or one-offs in the works?
We have 4 20 BBL (2300 litre) fermenters so we will be running 3 core beers through those most of the time. They will be a Session IPA, ISA (Island Session Ale); a German style Weizen, Wheat Kings County; and an American Brown, Brudenell Brown. I really wanted to offer a selection of beers that would each focus on a key ingredient (hops, yeast, malt) while still being approachable. With our fourth fermenter we’re planning on brewing a Pilsner to have something light and easy drinking available for people who are still “craft-curious” and then rotate different styles through that tank as much as possible. We also have 3 more 20 BBL tanks that will primarily be used for cider production.

Bogside Food


Tell us about your restaurant and taproom.
We have a taproom with 90 seats attached to a fantastic kitchen set up, as well as a roofed patio with additional seating – we are licensed for sales at the brewery, on site consumption and will have a serious food program with Chef Dave Mottershall offering up Southern style barbecue with lots of local island veg and seafood. Chef Mottershall is also establishing Salume Rume onsite, featuring fermented and dry-cured salamis, cold cuts, preserves and more, that will be available in the taproom and beyond.

How else can people enjoy your beer?
Of course, the best place to enjoy Bogside is a pint in the taproom in Montague, but we will also be distributing kegs to licensees such as HopYard and Pilot House in Charlottetown; 473 ml cans will be available on site and eventually via PEILCC, and we do offer growler sales of our beer to go currently (both 0.95 and 1.89 litre).

DME Brewhouse

Have you had any assistance from other breweries/people in Atlantic Canada?
Locally, we’ve had a lot of assistance from the whole crew at PEIBC (most notably Spencer Gallant). I’ve also spoken to Matt Kenny at Tata, Jeremy from 2 Crows and Greg Nash about certain things that come up. Since DME Brewing Solutions is back up and running they’ve been a huge part of getting our brewhouse online. They also helped facilitate a trip down to Columbus to brew with Brew Dog USA who have the same brew system as us (they use it as a pilot system), so I was able to see firsthand how our equipment works before we get up and running.

Where do you hope to see your brewery in the next 2-3 years?
We hope to be in growth mode, putting out great beer and adding a few more tanks along the way


Ok Mark, let’s get nerdy and talk about the brewhouse and beer!
We have a 3 vessel/10 BBL (1200 litre) brewhouse from DME with four 20 BBL unitanks, a 20 BBL jacketed brite, and five single-walled serving tanks to supply our taps. We have a semi-automated system, with a Control Panel that can monitor the brewhouse, fermentation, and conditioning tanks, controlling valves, temperatures, flows, and pressures.

Right now we have our Island Session Ale and Brudenell Bell Brown on tap, with the Wheat County Kings coming in the next few days.
ISA is 4.7% ABV, featuring AmarilloAzacca, and Hallertau Blanc added in the kettle after the boil (during whirlpool) and as a dry hop, both techniques favour flavour and aroma without much bitterness extraction (about 15 IBUs).
Brudenell Bell is 5.6% ABV and about 50 IBUs with Northern BrewerChinook, and Simcoe, and dry hopped with Chinook and Simcoe again.
Wheat Kings County is 5% ABV and about 30 IBUs from Hallertauer Mittelfrueh and Hersbrucker, with a big nose of banana ester due to the iconic yeast choice and addition of dextrose.
Coming soon will be our North Lake Lager Pilsner, and a tart sessionable beer.

DME Panel

Care to share some info on your brewing history, were you brewing before you joined the team at Tatamagouche?
My experience is almost all commercial. I did a few batches with kits in my dorm room, but my first all grain batch was when I started working at Tata with Matt.

Do you have a favorite beer style you find yourself going back to?
I really enjoy German Weizens. After spending 6 months in Germany, it really stood out as one of my favourite styles. It’s so versatile and is light and refreshing enough for summer but also has enough body and “chewiness” for the winter. There’s also dark, dry hopped, or fruited versions that are fun as well.

What about favourite style or ingredient to brew with?
I like brewing dark beers the most. I find the brewhouse smells the best on those brew days and of all the recipes I’ve written, the dark beers have usually turned out the best.

Congratulations to Mark, Dave, and David on the launch of Bogside Brewing. The taproom and restaurant is open weekdays from 4 PM, and from 11 AM for brunch on Saturday and Sundays. Keep your eyes peeled on their Social Media for the latest release details, and what Mark and Dave are cooking up! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.