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Here is another set of beer related links for your enjoyment.  Most have previously been mentioned on the ACBB Facebook page.

Atlantic content:

Hell Bay’s new seasonal (Dark Lager) to be available this weekend in growlers.

Lots of Rockbottom news:  Slightly tweaked Fathom IPA available today.  Tomorrow’s firkin is Blackened IPA which is described as “in all its fresh hoppy glory fortified with Sinamar making for some seriously black goodness.”  Brewnoser BPA (Belgian Pale Ale) is scheduled to be on tap by the middle of next week.

Cask conditioned Picaroons Timber Hog available now at Garrison District Ale House.  Picaroons is having an Easter keg hunt with a chance to win a brewery tour.  Picaroons is working towards having more local, organic hops in their brews.

An overview of research currently taking place for the Newfoundland Beer History blog.

Propeller Double IPA review from Darkside Brewing.

Labatt’s adds Cider to the Alexander Keith’s mix.

Read about Deschutes Black Butte Porter clone currently being produced by Meek Brewing Company.

Beer Maven’s review of Kirin Ichiban.

A post from Meek Brewing Co. about Lagers and yeast starters.

Bones & Brew BBQ recent post on Propeller Bohemian Style Pilsner.

Tree Brewing Co. Hop Head IPA is the most recent beer reviewed by the PEI Beer Guy.

General Content:

Ontario hop growers association has been created.

Great graphic highlighting beer trends south of the border.

Don’t say my blog isn’t educational.  31 ways to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener.

These are the types of weddings you want to crash.

Heading to Ontario?  Pick up one of these.

You can deduct beer expenses from your taxes if you blog about them? Coming soon to the Atlantic Canada Beer Blog:  tasting notes.

I like this study.

American site worth checking out

…and another one to help plan that beer related roadtrip you’ve been meaning to take.