All posts for the month September, 2012

As per their Twitter account (@propellerbeer), Propeller Brewing Company will be launching Nocturne Dark Lager late next week.  $1.50 from each bottle sold will be donated to Nocturne Halifax, an art festival that will take place from 6pm to midnight in Halifax on Saturday, October 13th.  The beer is described as:

a Munich Style Dunkel. A clean lager profile, hoppy goodness balanced W/ a slight roasted finish.

In other Propeller news, Pumpkin Ale is expected to be available by next weekend.  Here is the description of the beer taken from the company’s website:

We brew this ale using Howard Dill’s® world famous Atlantic Giant Pumpkins® with a special blend of spices – this of course in addition to the usual ingredients: highest quality malted grains, hops, water and yeast. It’s the next best thing to pumpkin pie.

I’m a little late providing an overview of local content in the latest issue of TAPS.  I’ve been in Montreal the past few days and the new issue only arrived in my mailbox after I left.  Speaking of Montreal, next time you’re there run, don’t walk, to Dieu du Ciel and pray they still have some of their Hemelse God left.  This is an outstanding collaboration Sour Ale made with New Belgium Brewery of Colorado.  I digress.

As usual, there is lots of Maritime content in the latest issue of TAPS.  In the Bar Snacks section the is reference to new craft breweries expected to appear in N.S. over the next year including a new brewing company expected to open soon on the South Shore.  There is also news related to Bride Brewing, the Townhouse Brewpub in Antigonish and Garrison Brewing.

New Brunswick’s Craig Pinhey has a feature article on P.E.I.’s DME, a manufacturer of brewing equipment.  Pinhey also has an article about pumpkin beer in the issue.

Tasting notes on P.E.I. Brewing Co.’s Iron Horse Brown Ale are included in the tasting panel written by Pinhey and Propeller’s Tracy Phillipi.

Rockbottom Brewpub’s Saison Harvest Ale, a local-source wet-hop farmhouse ale, will be released Saturday, September 15th at 11:30 am.  The beer was brewed with 3 varieties of locally sourced fresh hops and topped off with additional fresh hops from Quebec.   The beer is described as:

Oh so spicy and refreshing, almost demanding you to have another. The wet-hops shine through with floral, green, vegetal and spice notes reinforcing the spicy esters created through fermentation by this very special yeast. Time to enjoy the fruits of the season!