7 comments on “Growler Fills in Atlantic Canada – Locations, Policies, and Cleaning

  1. Unfortunately growler filling is not permitted in Newfoundland and as a result Yellowbelly is unable to fill them. Would love to see this regulation changed.

  2. Gahan in Nova Scotia no longer takes back their growlers or cleans them. If you already had growlers before their policy change, they will not give your deposit back.

    • Thanks for the update, we’ve edited their entry, and reached out for further detail.

      • Thanks! It appears they may not be offering caps on growlers any more either. I was there two weeks in a row and they did not offer them – and pointed me to the Crowlers instead. A coworker had a similar experience.

  3. Is this list accurate post-Covid? None of the breweries were filling growlers from other brewers for a while. Keen to know of that’s changed.

    • Great question! I’ve got to do some research on that, and will be creating a new page shortly. Thanks for the push! 🙂

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