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  2. What do the color coded “pins” stand for on the Good Beer Map? Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink…. ? Thanks

    • The colours represent the different types of establishments in our region:
      Green – Production Brewery/Ciderhouse
      Red – Brewpub
      Yellow – Coming Soon
      Blue – Bar or Restaurant
      Purple – Private Liquor Store
      A dot in marker indicates they will fill growlers (as not all brewery or brewpub locations do)

      If you click the square in the upper right, it will expand the map to full view, and you can click around a bit easier.

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  4. I’m heading out on a driving trip with no particular stops in mind but the final destination being Stan Fest in Canso. This map is a gold mine for me! It will definitely guide my stops along the way. Thanks so much for doing the work, writing the comments (i.e. won’t fill growlers other than their own, etc.). That’s a lot of work but it makes my trip so much better. Thanks again!

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