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I received a press release from Picaroons today announcing that for the first time, their Harvest Ale is available in bottles at ANBL locations throughout the province.  The brew is made with 100% locally harvested maritime hops and 100% Canadian grains.

Unique to this product is the ability to determine where the hops were produced.  On each bottle there is a special code that can be referenced on this link to determine what farm harvested the hops.  Wysmykal Farms, Happy Hopyard and Southan & Co. all produced hops for this limited edition brew.

For those who follow me on Twitter (@ACBeerBlogger) may have noticed, I had the chance to try this brew (batch 2039/40 from Happy Hopyard Cascade) last Saturday and absolutely loved it.  The beer is available for a limited time so pick some up, unless quantities are limited in which case you should save it for me.