9 comments on “Inaugural Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards Being Held October 4th and 5th in Halifax

  1. So many NS breweries need help with their quality. Both breweries and consumers would benefit from the use of professionally trained judges. Credibility will be lost without this.

  2. We certainly see this as a way to give constructive feedback, as well as highlighting the positive attributes, to the breweries in the Atlantic Provinces. We’re hoping they take it to heart.

      • I’m not sure I understand, are you taking about this event, or something else? At the ACBAs, there will be five tables of judges. Each table will have three BJCP certified judges, who are all experienced, trained, and qualified. There will be one industry member at each table to also take part in the process, but I don’t believe they will be filling out scoresheets.
        If you are at a brewery that wishes to take part, I encourage you to contact Tracy or I via email for further discussion.

  3. My concern is about the involvement of unqualified industry people (bartenders, bar owners, journalist). But after viewing scoresheet from past CBA events, there is also a real concern with just how experienced and trained the BJCP judges are. I’ve tasted with a couple that couldn’t even identify a gross beer infection.

    • As I said, I don’t believe the non-judges will be filling out full scoresheets.
      The ACBAs are different than the CBAs, I do not know how those are run, so I can’t make any comment on those scoresheets.
      The BJCP as an organization encourages judges to constantly work towards improving their palate and to keep “drinking critically”. If you have problems with individual judges, please don’t let that tarnish your view of the program as a whole (or this event).

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