8 comments on “Truro Brewing Company Opening Tomorrow (February 28) in Downtown Truro, Nova Scotia

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    • Great question, Fig! Salty Dog is not a full-mash brewery, getting their wort from an off-site producer, and ferments on premise (unless things have changed since we were introduced to SD). We get a bit more excited for a brewery that can employ a Brewer and has control over all aspects of the beer.

  2. Stopped by on my way home today. I know a growler has 4 pints but I’ve never seen them priced like that. $28.75 for a fill. Yikes!

    • Hmm, I saw a mention on twitter that they may have had issues with the POS and not catching folks getting charged a bit too much. I’d suggest reaching out via social media, or popping by, and letting them know. I’m sure they want you to be happy with both the beer and the price you paid!

      • OK, thanks. I asked if the price was correct as that was pretty much double the average but was told that my concern was noted and “maybe it should be a bit cheaper than buying 4 pints”.

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