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Updated Dec 14th at 7:23 PM.  I received a press release from the good folks at Garrison after originally posting.  Here is the information contained within the release:

Garrison’s celebrated Spruce Beer goes on sale today

HALIFAX, NS – Dec.14, 2012 – Garrison Spruce Beer is back for the holiday season but it’s not likely to last long. Thirty minutes before opening, a crowd was already gathering for this traditional favourite.

“This has become something people really anticipate,” says Brian Titus, brewery president. “It’s exclusive to Nova Scotia this year so we’re hoping there’s enough stock to make it through the weekend!”

Described by some as a “Christmas tree in a glass”, this seasonal specialty is brewed with local Spruce and fir tips harvested from Meander River Farms and loads of blackstrap molasses. Complex and full-bodied, this beer balances crisp Spruce bitterness and aromatics with the warming flavours of molasses and caramel.

“I really enjoy making such a unique brew for the holidays,” says Brewmaster, Daniel Girard. “The beer is a pleasure to sip on and it has so much history in the Maritimes”.

“Spruce Beer” is 7.5% alc/vol with moderate bitterness. It’s packaged in 500ml single-serve bottles and officially went on sale today at the brewery and all four private stores (while supplies last).

Original post:

In a sure sign that the Fat Guy in the Red Suit will be around any day now, Garrison Brewing’s Spruce Beer will be available today at the brewery at 9am.  The beer will also be available at the Halifax private stores but unfortunately not through any of the local liquor commissions.  Below is an extract of a Q & A I did with Garrison President Brian Titus earlier this year regarding the beer:

ACBB: Your Spruce Beer generated a great deal of buzz when it was available last Winter, can you tell me about the beer?

BT: This is a beer that was initially a curiosity to us and we appreciated the historical references to the founding of Halifax as it was brewed in the area at that time. We even came across some “how to brew spruce beer and cook beaver” reference material when researching the beer. It described cooked beaver as fatty, chewy and basically edible at best. The Spruce beer didn’t sound much more appealing based on the description!

Daniel was really pushing to brew this, he really wanted the challenge of creating something very unique and I kept asking him “how am I going to market and sell Spruce beer”? This has really turned into a big success for us, we brewed three times as much Spruce beer last year as the first year although the harvesting is a lot of effort. Overall Spruce Beers are growing in popularity with some form of Spruce beer available in many provinces at some point in the year.

As recently tweeted by Garrison Brewing Company, they currently have well under 100 bottles of their Spruce Beer left at their brewery.  There has been a lot of buzz about this beer, including a recent story in the Toronto Star.  Here’s what the PEI Beer Guy thought about it when he tried it last year with a great quote from his wife.

In related news, and in the interest of full disclosure I must admit I’ve been sitting on, is that the brew is also currently available at some ANBL locations.  They only reason I’ve delayed mentioning it is that there wasn’t any in stock at my local store and wanted to make sure I had some for myself before letting anyone else know about it (I know a couple from Pennsylvania that will be glad to hear this)!  Here’s an overview of current availability as of yesterday morning based on the ANBL website:


Store Address City Quantity in Stock
Dieppe 513 rue Regis Street Dieppe 24
Fredericton – Brookside Mall 435 prom. Brookside Drive Fredericton 12
Fredericton – Devon Park 580 rue Union Street Fredericton 23
Fredericton – rue Prospect Street 1150 rue Prospect Street Fredericton 16
Fredericton – rue York Street 380 rue York Street Fredericton 62
Hampton 454 rue Main Street Hampton 11
Miramichi – rue Pleasant Street Rue Pleasant Street Miramichi 12
Moncton – ch. Mountain Road 936 ch. Mountain Road Moncton 60
Moncton – promenade Elmwood Drive 409 prom. Elmwood Drive Moncton 5
Moncton North / Nord 1855 chemin Mountain Road Moncton 6
Oromocto 375 chemin Miramichi Road Oromocto 10
Quispamsis 4 cour Landing Court Quispamsis 2
Sackville 11-A rue Wright Street Sackville 20
Saint John – boul. Fairville Blvd. 31 avenue Plaza Avenue Saint John 8
Saint John – Lansdowne Place 55 place Lansdowne Place Saint John 30
Saint John – Prince Edward Square Square Prince Edward Square Saint John 21
Sussex 138 rue Main Street (Gateway Mall) Sussex 16