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Check out this entertaining video interview with Greg Nash from Hart & Thistle (when he’s not working at Rockbottom Brewpub) from the True Canadian Beers website to find out:

  • How under-aged Nash was when he started brewing.
  • What a “real” brewery is.
  • Where he had his first job out of brewing school (the city has celebrated more NFL championships that any other team).
  • How likely he is to move back to Western Canada.
  • How the major breweries are helping the microbreweries.
  • How the demographics of microbrewery drinkers is changing.

Check out this video interview with Kevin Keefe from the Granite Brewery from True Canadian Beers to find out:

  • About the movement and expansion of the brewery over the years.
  • How long ago he opened up a gastropub.
  • What’s unique about Granite Brewery beer.
  • Who he sees as his majors competitors.