3 comments on “Friday Wrap-Up – News from Red Rover, Brasseurs du Petit-Sault, Picaroons, Uncle Leo’s, Boxing Rock, Rare Bird and more!

  1. As much as I enjoy these weekly blog posts, I think it’s time for the beer community to start lobbying for better quality. I’m so sick of reading a glowing review of a local craft, only to find out it’s entirely undrinkable. Picaroons, Sea Level and Rare Bird clearly lead the pack but others have problems too. It’s time for a little honesty.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jeff. Our main goal at the blog is to share news on breweries and new beers that are available in our region. We aren’t always able to try the beers we report on, so can’t comment on the quality of everything out there, I hope you understand. If we write that we’ve tried and enjoyed a beer, then we stand behind that.
      If you have issues with the quality of beers you’re trying, be sure to contact the breweries directly, I’m sure they’d like to hear that their product is not up to snuff.

      • Chris, I do understand your primary goal is to report the news, but I’m sure you can appreciate my frustration. Contacting the brewery is not always very effective. While some are simply in denial I’m convinced others just don’t know beer.

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