One comment on “Friday Wrap-Up – News from Picaroons, Great Lakes, PEI Brewing, Boxing Rock, Hell Bay, Railcar Brewing, Grimross, and more

  1. Cute commentary on teh blimp story. Too bad only half of it is true.

    No can argue about the explosion in the number of new micros and nanos in the Maritime, The unfortunate thing is quality does not seem to have followed suit. I can’t speak to the cause; could be education, training, experience, or all of the above. Whatever it is, these newbies (and a few established guys) need to clean up their act before they give the whole industry a bad name. All joking aside, craft could learn a whole lot about quality from big brother Labatt, who I’m sure is laughing it’s ass off at some of the crap that is being passed off as “quality craft”.

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