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  1. Here’s some information I received from ANBL about special orders:

    I am not aware of any Beer Clubs, however, we certainly place special orders for customers. Below is the high level overview of the process:

    ANBL provides a special order service that allows customers to purchase product that is not sold in New Brunswick. If you wish to pursue a request, please visit your local liquor store indicating that you wish to place a special order request. At that time, store staff will capture as much information as possible about the brand, and accept a $25 initiation fee. If ANBL is unable to source your special order the $25 will be refunded in full. If the product has been sourced and you decide not to proceed, the $25.00 is not refundable.

    Should the supplier be willing to ship the product, we will acquire pricing information from them and calculate a retail price for you. If you are comfortable with the price, we will then accept a $25 per case deposit and will issue a purchase order on your behalf. The initiation fee of $25 will be applied to the case deposit fee. Deposit fees are credited towards the total cost of the order.

    The Minimum order requirement for wines and spirits sourced within Canada is 1 case x 12 bottles. Product sourced outside of Canada requires a 5 case x 12 bottle minimum order.

    All beer and coolers, regardless of source requires 10 case x 24 bottle minimum requirement.

    Depending upon the source, special orders can take a minimum of six weeks to a maximum of six months to arrive.

    You are able to find the Special Order Form to fill out prior to going to the store at: http://nbliquor.com/corp-forms.asp

    I believe the difference is that we place one order per customer, but other than that, the process is very comparable.


    I asked if there was restricted to conventional cases and not large beer bottles, here was the response:

    I think that depends on the supplier – if you have a specific brand in mind, we can check it out.

    I also asked if someone could order but ship to several different stores throughout the province, that is not an option.

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