5 comments on “Friday Wrap-Up – Update from Railcar & ANBL, plus news from Petit-Sault, Acadie-Broue, Grimross, Celtic Knot, and more!

  1. Rules changes at the ANBL might prove to be a good thing for the small brewers with an opportunity to showcase their beers and increase sales.

    • But to force brewers to put their first 10,000 litres through the ANBL, when some had no intentions of selling from other than their own storefront (at least to start), is not a good thing. Make participation in the ANBL-store growler program voluntary, rather than requiring it for those who hope to sell from their own storefronts.

      Consultation with the brewers prior to implementation would have brought up these, and many more, issues.

      • Good point on the consultation. That should have happened. Contrary to what ANBL thinks, I also believe 10,000 liters is too much to ask of a nano. It’s not a problem for a micro, but beyond the capability of most new nanos. I’d love to see a good selection of growlers in ANBL stores, but let’s be reasonable about the volume requirements.
        And how exactly does going through the ANBL ensure quality and health protection? I don’t believe they have any on staff beer experts doing quality control testing – But perhaps they do?

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