One comment on “Friday Wrap-Up for March 22, 2024 – News from Brightwood, Happy, Half Cut, Dildo, Trailway, Tide & Boar, Tatmagouche

  1. It’s no wonder we are losing breweries…just walk through the NSLC and check out the prices…cans of Eurolager ranging from $4.39-$5.29 and many crafters there, in between or higher. Grocery stores in Ontario running significantly cheaper – don’t believe the lies fed to you – and then Quebec retailers like Costco have sales blowing us away. Due to gas and some health travel constraints I buy equivalent kegs of Heineken (Bubbas) in Quebec on sale for $96 vs. Propeller Pils (one of my favs) for ~$120 – no gas nor kegerator required. Our government is tax crazy when I think about how our beer has been taxed to death the past 25 yrs when we were generally cheaper than Ontario.

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