2 comments on “Friday Wrap-Up for August 17, 2018 – News from Brightwood, ChainYard, Good Robot, O’Creek, Port Rexton, Split Rock, 2 Crows, Lazy Bear, Scudrunner, TrailWay, and more!

  1. Lots of funky eclectic beers going on for sure…I however love a brew that is a killer representation of a classic style…Pils, Trappist, Cream, stout, whatever…straying into sours and bacteria brewed beers only brings back my disappointment of fucking up whatever I was trying to achieve…regardless Nova Scotian breweries are cranking out some stellar shit!

    • Totally understandable! Yes, the road to sour beer is fraught with dangers, but thankfully the breweries who are undertaking them are trying their best to keep the right yeasts and bacteria in play, and the wrong ones out.

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