2 comments on “Friday Wrap-Up for August 11, 2023 – News from Port Rexton, Schoolhouse, Shipwright, Annapolis Cider, Change is Brewing Collective, Boxing Rock, Hopyard Halifax, Banished, Big Spruce, Unfiltered, Sober Island, and Great Roads Brewing

  1. As a frequent visitor, butbnot a maritime province resident, it would be helpful to have at least province names associated with each location mentioned. I know what gets mentioned completely depends on what our brewers brew for us, but as someone with absolutely no interest in anything brewed with American hops or in the style of IPA, it sure would be wonderful to have somewhere to turn to in order to learn about what traditional brews are available in the Maritime Provinces. I should add that by traditional, I certainly do not mean Bud. I am looking for British, Belgian, German, French, Scandinavian, etc, brews. I know they are hiding here somewhere.

    • Hi Brett, thanks for reading the blog! We do mention the city or town name with most of the breweries, but you are right that we do not tend to mention the province. May I humbly suggest checking out our Good Beer Map as a way to orient yourself to the locations mentioned.

      As imbibers of all types of beer, we like to mention all styles of beer that are released in the region, and try to especially highlight those styles that are a little bit different. Have you dropped by Flying Boats in Dieppe, NB, to grab their collaboration Norwegian Farmhouse Ales with Acadie-Broue? You may enjoy them!

      Thanks again for reading and your feedback, we hope you enjoy the blog going forward, too. Cheers!

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