2 comments on “Friday Wrap-Up for June 14, 2019 – News from Sourwood, Stillwell Brewing, Tata, 2 Crows, Propeller, Niche, and More!

  1. When you say that certain beer is available at stillwells in bottles and on tap I found out the hard way that doesn’t mean the bottles are available to purchase and take home. My mistake!

    • Sorry for the confusion! The laws in NS are such that only the NSLC, private stores, and the breweries can sell beer to take away. Stillwell on Barrington is allowed to sell bottles of their own beer to go (produced at their brewery on Gottingen, but they have established a small pilot system in the back), but otherwise no beer is allowed to leave the premise. Breweries are only allowed to sell their own beer to go, even if they have guest taps, though that regulation may be relaxed soon. There is no such law in NB, where breweries, with the proper license, can sell beer from their own brewery, as well as others, in growler fills and packaged product.

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