3 comments on “Friday Wrap-Up for March 4, 2022 – News of International Women’s Day releases across the region, including Breton, Foghorn, Landwash, New Maritime, North, Picaroons, Port Rexton, Quidi Vidi, Saltbox, and Upstreet, plus many, many more great beers!

  1. Advertising for TAPestry now? How about telling us what other pubs are selling while you’re at it. I’d love to know what’s new at the NSLC.

    • Hi Robert,

      We are an independent blog that takes only personal donations and pays our own hosting fees.

      We provide as much info as we reasonably can every week, with the assistance of breweries and craft-friendly bars across the region.

      We assume that taxpayer dollars do a plenty good job of advertising for NSLC, ANBL, PEILCC, and NLC so we don’t concern ourselves with carrying their water.

      We certainly understand if you find us deficient; we welcome you to find other sources and maybe even publish your own research.

      Thanks for reading the blog and sharing your feedback!

      Your friends,


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